Smoking Trees in Belize: November 2009

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Your sister’s hot

Zac Lee has been the QB for the Nebraska Cornhuskers this season leading them to the Big 12 Championship next week. Putting up decent numbers, over 2000 yards passing, 14 TDs to 7 picks, Lee could have a big senior year in 2010. If you think that would make a father proud, you’re right. His dad Bob Lee played 14 NFL seasons. But the true star of the family is older sister Jenna.

Co-anchor of the morning desk at Fox Business Network for the last year, Jenna has become an Internet favorite. Not just a pretty face, she holds a Masters in Journalism from Columbia.

You wonder if Zac gets any Alvin Mack style smack talk across the line about Jenna?

Best Uniforms in College Football

Last year’s version of College Football’s worst uniforms featured a common thread of bad color schemes or poor helmet logos. The best uni’s in college football belong to 10 universities with simple yet lasting designs. With the exception of Texas, all teams are sporting their home’s. I used to consider the Florida Gators to have one the better looks until I read this. Georgia was considered, but their Packer’s G is shared. Honorable mention is Auburn.

1) Penn State: Renowned for the lack of names on the jerseys or logos on the helmet, the Nittany Lions set the standard for college football’s best uniforms. The throwback style that never left the field, Paterno knows a good look when he sees it.

2) Texas: The away white’s for the Longhorns are one of the best. The burnt orange numbers with a capitalized TEXAS across the front look sharp underneath the simple Horn’s logo helmet.

3) Michigan: The famed winged helmet look of the Wolverines is unique in college football with the exception of Delaware. The maize and blue is striking without any distractions; name and number, nothing else.

4) Notre Dame: The navy and gold look has been copied many times over, but none can claim to best the look of the Irish. The fact that they are known for a Golden Dome on campus and sport golden domes on the field makes this a top college uniform.

5) Virginia: The Cavaliers changed their look in the early Nineties from a script UVa on the helmet. The V with crossed sabers along withe the solid navy and orange is a sophisticated look for a pathetic program.

6) Colorado: The Buff’s have been Nike-fied lately but still retain a striking look. The CU buffalo on the helmet along with all black is a look copied by many of programs in their black alternative jerseys.

7) Brigham Young: After several years of futuristic looks, the Cougars from Provo adopted the Steve Young era look, albeit with a darker shade of blue. The historic look sets it apart from it’s counterparts in the Mountain West Conference.

8) Nebraska: The plain font red N on the helmet and the red jerseys were an imposing sign on a wall of linemen. The plain, unadorned look is fitting for this corn fed squad. The look was perfect for the decades that the Huskers rolled out massive linemen and speedy I backs year after year, they all looked the same because they were.

9) Oregon: How are the Ducks considered to be one the best uniforms? They are everything a classic uniform isn’t, multiple colors, many variations. The Oregon uni’s are among the best because of their unique status as divas of college football. A diva is never seen in the same gown twice and neither are the Ducks, they’ve got to be considered one of the best, they try the hardest.

10) Alabama: One of the last programs to continue the numbered helment, Bama makes the list on that alone. Nothing particularly exciting, but distinctive and simple. Unchanged since the days of Bear Bryant, don’t count on the Tide to make any changes in the future.

Russian Expert

This one stumped her, “he can speak French in Russian? That IS interesting!”

Inked State Pride

The above pictured leg apparently belongs to Jeffrey J. Britt, currently residing in the Florida Department of Corrections. Mr. Britt appears to be marking his felony convictions with pride alongside a map of the state that has incarcerated him so many times.

This unknown rebel thinks so highly of the State of Florida that he immortalized it twice in ink. The Confederate flag on the shoulder hints at a likely hometown in the northern reaches of the state, yet the neck tattoo screams So Flo hardcore. My guess? Dixie County.

Chad Johnson’s tiny map tatt is an alleged fake, weak.

This Florida hoodlum must have gotten a prison house ink job, leaving out Tampa on the outline.

Udonis Haslem went for the wall map size on his back.