Smoking Trees in Belize: Yellow Journalism

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yellow Journalism

Yesterday the Boston Herald apologized
for starting the rumors of a videotape proving the Patriots had taped
the Rams practices before Super Bowl XXXVI. The story turned out to be
completely bogus, Matt Walsh never had such tape, and its writer, John Tomase has admitted he knew
its incredulity the last 4 months. The most disturbing part of the
story is the apology, or lack thereof from Tomase, the man who’s
article the day before the Super Bowl was rife with sensationalism. Tomase acknowledges his yellow journalism
tactics, while proudly standing behind his decision to print a story he
was aware was patently untrue. His apology is shocking in its audacity,
he blames bullies in grade school, and ends with his head high, but
integrity low,
“The days of getting picked last at recess are over.
People will know my name from now on and that’s all I ever wanted. I
apologize for nothing!”

Tomase’s case is hardly unique, even for Boston, fraud in the media has been evidenced many times, most recently Jayson Blair making up stories for the New York Times. However, the admission comes at an interesting time for sports journalism. Since the “Costas Now” debate between Deadspin’s Will Leitch and writer of “Friday Night Lights,” Buzz Bissinger, the blogs have been abuzz, and “real” journalists are not taking it lying down. What is the future of sports journalism? Is there another Jim Murray out there?