Smoking Trees in Belize: Commercial Babes

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Commercial Babes

Every so often the monotony of commercials is broken by a stunner
schilling a product you could care less about. The spokesladies for
RGX, and Overstock have been a Utah favorite for years. Usually car
commercials are unbearable, and these two are hardly different, but
excellent casting makes for 60 seconds of muted bliss. The gal in
Yellowbook ad doesn’t strike one at first, but after viewing her work,
you can see she knows a good role when she sees it. No matter how hard
we try, we’ll never beat Brazil at selling sex.

Rachel Specter for RGX Body Spray

Sabine Ehrenfeld for

Jill Wagner for Mercury

Kate Walsh for Cadillac

Tamar Kagan for YellowPages

Yellow Book has two ads, that after much internet perusing, remain elusive. The beauty above has tentatively determined to be Blanca Soto, but without video evidence it is hard to be sure. Sadly, Ms. Awesome Tank-top remains unnamed and unseen.


Johnny Utah

credit the man behind for mercury chick