Smoking Trees in Belize: What is it with these self-pics?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What is it with these self-pics?

With the advent of cheap digital technology, the “self-shot,” is a recent phenomena. If you have a Myspace or Facebook account you’ve seen them in bunches. Each gender has their own twist, but the ubiquitous outstretched arm remains a constant. Self pics are favored by hot chicks in revealing clothes, and chubby ones craftily using concealing angles. The male variety is most often a flexing toolbag, who rightfully belongs here. The trend is a curious one, certainly spurned by the proliferation of digital cameras, it is also undoubtedly tied to narcissism and sexuality in our culture. Is it art? Self-expression? Or 21st century flirting? Either way, certain issues remain a concern for lawmakers and parents alike. Snap away America, beauty is fleeting.


gerry dorsey

what? no link to that chick’s myspace/facebook page??

Wet Line Outfitters

I think Glen Dorsey’s brother is right. We need a link to that hot chick’s page. If she’s in Florida, she’s mine.

Johnny Utah

did you not click on the angles link? could be a whale down there.