Smoking Trees in Belize: People I don’t understand

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

People I don’t understand

Traffic report reporters. Do people watch T.V. at work? No. Are traffic reports for people leaving work? Yes. What is Bob the businessesman supposed to do? He could call home, ask someone to turn on the tube and check the traffic news. Or he could just leave work, taking the same route home as every other day.
Door to door religious advocates. Whether Mormon, Jehovah’s Witnesses, or others, when you hear the knock and open the door to several smiling faces, it’s never a good thing. The success rate must be rather low, and the level of rudeness must be high. Much as they are not interested in hearing my religious beliefs, I am not interested in hearing theirs.

Zealots and Fundamentalists. Does advocating in the above manner actually help one’s cause? A gay computer scientist from WWII helped create the early computer, and that makes all computers homo devil machines. If it ever became clear that Johann Gutenburg was gay, this lady would be screwed.
Sports fans that don’t own a mirror. This could be a gentleman from a number of schools, imagining Bama gear over this Sooner instead proves the point. Sports fans can dress like Tony Romo can sing.