Smoking Trees in Belize: Pillow Talk Politics

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pillow Talk Politics

Barbara Walters recent admission of an ongoing affair with married Senator Edward Brooke
in the 1970’s is troubling. Beyond the ethics of infidelity, it is a
source of concern due to the fact that objectivity in media is lost in
the lust of a politician-journalist union.
Greenspan, former Chair of the Federal Reserve and architect of the
modern American economy was partial to ladies in the media. Greenspan
and Walters once dated. In 1984 he began dating Andrea Mitchell, in
1997 they were wed by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Mitchell has been Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent for NBC News since November 1994.

2006, Campbell Brown of CNN married Dan Senor. Senor is a man of many
talents and positions. He has most recently stationed at Centcom
Headquarters in Qatar, where he was Director of the Coalition
Information Center. Senor also regularly contributes to Fox News and
serves as Administrator on the official White House forum titled, “Ask the White House.”

inferring any improprieties or misdeeds, it just raises concerns.
Surely Andrea Mitchell’s work as Chief Foreign Correspondent kept her
free and clear of any tangles. But how can Campbell Brown present an
objective view of Iran, when her husband works for the very White House
that labeled it part of the “Axis of Evil?”


Mac G

A friend of mine told me that Bob Uecker used to nail Walters. He heard it straight from Bob too.

Gross but cool.

Johnny Utah

its coolness outweighs its grossness by far. babs has some notches.