Smoking Trees in Belize: American Culture is a Recycling Bin

Sunday, May 4, 2008

American Culture is a Recycling Bin

When one thinks of the individual who has most influenced popular
culture in the last 20+ years, many names come to mind. Music producers
like Dr. Dre and P. Diddy shaped the sound of hip hop and opened it to
the suburban masses. Pop stars from Madonna to Britney Spears set
trends in fashion, style, and attitude. Actors Tom Cruise and Mel
Gibson have moved from starring in blockbusters to calling the shots.
Yet none of these individuals have a mullet like Billy Ray Cyrus.

must be the reason for his sustained, yet unexplainable pop culture
success for 2 decades. Billy Ray’s country music career was highlighted
by “Achy Breaky Heart”, a honky tonk anthem that America couldn’t get
enough of in 1992. In large part due to the widespread appeal of “Achy
Breaky Heart,” line dancing saw a meteoric rise in popularity. Equally
inexplicable, mullets, aka, business in the front, party in the back,
also saw an early 90’s resurgence. One would think that Cyrus and his
Kentucky waterfall would slip quietly into VH-1 oblivion. Able to do
what others had failed at previously, Billy Ray emerged post millenium
as his pop culture alter-ego. Once redder than NASCAR, the new Billy
Ray is none other than a metrosexual.

Looks like a gay Johnny Damon

2006 Billy Ray has been co-starring on the Disney show, “Hannah
Montana,” with his daughter Miley as the title character. The show has
been a runaway success and subsequent concert touring has been SRO
only. Miley’s career is red-hot with her singing and acting package
making her the next pop tween turd. Billy Ray has truly conquered both
abysses of American culture, country music and teen pop. When the
history books characterize American music, and culture in general, for
the last 20 years, you can blame Billy Ray.