Smoking Trees in Belize: First Bride Jenna Bush

Friday, May 9, 2008

First Bride Jenna Bush

“Utah! Get me two!”

Tomorrow marks Jenna Bush’s wedding in Crawford,
Texas. Her beau is Henry Hager, a Richmond, Virginia native and recent
MBA grad from UVA. As the Bush era winds down it might be a long time
before we see a White House occupied by two pretty daughters. Jenna and
Barbara Bush endured a good deal of unfair criticism; the fake id’s,
frequent partying, and unflattering photos.

The last White House beaut, Tricia Nixon

In the 2008 race, our best chance to get an attractive first daughter is McCain’s daughter, Meghan. Obama’s daughters are too young, 7, and 10. And we’ve already had 8 years of Chelsea.