Smoking Trees in Belize: Making the most of it

Friday, May 9, 2008

Making the most of it

Jason Sehorn has Johnny Utah green with envy. Not only does he summon the Uncle Rico,
in every average-sized white male, he’s wed 2 beauties. Sehorn starred
at U.S.C., and then gave the Giants 3 years of respectable service,
highlighted by a 1997 Super Bowl appearance. His next season was ended
early by a knee injury, robbing him of his unique asset, Caucasian
wheels. Also in 1998 he wed Whitney Casey, a union that lasted a year. Despite the brevity, Sehorn deserves props for scoring a cable news babe, another source of green for Utah.
a flagging career, and no luck in love, Sehorn showed his resiliency by
snaring the uber-hot Angie Harmon in 2000. Add that to the cush job as
a panelist on Fox Sports Net, and you have Jason Sehorn living the
Johnny Utah dream.